KTCS Hi-Lo Courtesy of Crain Automotive



Game Play:

The KTCS Hi-Lo Machine, courtesy of Crain Automotive, will be loaded with cash ranging from $99.00 to $599.99. (((this way you get to keep all the money and don’t have to declare it on your taxes!))
Listen weekdays between the hours of 7:10am & 5:10pm.
Be caller #9 when you hear the cue to call.

Call our listener line at 479 649 9999.

Guess how much money you think is in the KTCS Hi-Lo Money Machine to the penny and you win that $$
     If you guess wrong, we will tell you if you are too high…or too low!

JACKPOT #1  WINNER:  Carol J Miller

Jackpot #2 Winner:  Wes Sanders

Jackpot #3:  Brittany Rogers 

Jackpot #4 winner- Gwenda Waltermire !!

Jackpot #5 winner- Alicia Rush

Jackpot #6 winner- Susan Davis

Jackpot #7 winner- Ashley Gibson!

Jackpot #8 winner-  Ashley Laster 

Jackpot #9 is going on now!


Thursday, October 19TH 2017  Game Play Times














You must be 18 years of age to play.
You must have a vaild drivers license or photo ID to pick up your cash prize
You are allowed only 1 guess per game play.
Should there be technical issue with phone call being dropped, we will take the next caller.
You must be able to pick up your cash prize in person at the KTCS Studios, 5304 Highway 45 East in Fort Smith, AR.
The cash prize will not be mailed nor picked up by a person other than the winner.
The cash prize may not be subsituted for another prize.
You can play until you win!
After you win  KTCS Hi Lo money, you can no longer play.
     Should you play, guess and win a second time, you will not be awarded the Hi Lo cash a 2nd time.
KTCS employees and their immediate family are ineligble to play and win.
KTCS reserves the right to  refuse to award prize to any contestant in violation of these rules.
All decisions are final.