Make A Wish



Our Make A Wish kids wish for trips,  to meet someone famous, a computer,  a tv, or anything else they can dream up.  But no matter what they wish, it’s because of you that these wishes come true.
When we ask for donations during our Make A Wish radiothon, it’s not some big corporation that steps up and covers the costs, it’s you!  $1 at a time, $5 at a time.   You gave these kids and their family a chance to forget the pain, the treatments, the doctor visits and hospital stays for just a little while and a chance to make some amazing memories.

You helped them realize anything was possible, even something as simple as a WISH!


Some families ask for no publicity for their wish granting, but the one’s that share with us their special moment, we will post here on our page and on our KTCS Facebook page.